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The Company

We have been helping companies to innovate their products by using plastic materials ever since 1958. We can say with satisfaction that we have understood, among the first companies in Italy, that plastic is not only the revolutionary material par excellence of our time, but the answer to an increasingly innovative production for the future.

Born from Vinicio Leonardi's foresight and enterprising spirit at a time when plastic began to enter people's daily lives and therefore into industrial production, the company has grown and changed thanks to Luca's work, maintaining a family character always open to the collaboration with high-profile and competent professionals.

Today with more than 500 customers and a growing number of sales agents and new hubs, we are amongst the top five distributors of plastic materials in Italy, with the almost unique prerogative of being able to follow our customers in all-round projects, from the selection of raw materials to the choice of the most suitable technologies for the realisation of their products.

Luca Leonardi


The constant drive for innovation and the dedication to the steady improvement of the product and service quality are the characteristics of our DNA, which we make available to our customers.

Being one of the longest-running organisations in the distribution of plastics in Italy and as direct heirs of that tradition, which has always seen the Made in Italy at the forefront of research and development in this sector, is an honour and at the same time a responsibility for us.

Our commitment is to continue developing knowledge on the immense potential of plastic materials with applications, which are increasingly conscious and sustainable.

Our company headquarters in Camerano (AN) bears witness to this vision. Other than constantly improving the level of automation and the logistics management with systems that are increasingly advanced to make all the operations faster and with fewer errors in shipments, the energy supply is guaranteed by the rooftop photovoltaic power station designed and developed by the Gruppo Loccioni, leader in the energy efficiency of products, processes and constructions.


Leaf Meter

Leaf Meter Loccioni, the sustainability meter we use to view real-time data relating to the energy performance and environmental impact of a building, has been selected by the Farnesina Design Collection as an example of Italian excellence to be made known throughout the world, on permanent display at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Leaf Meter Loccioni