High Performance Polymers by Leonardi

GAIA is our brand of modified ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PC (Polycarbonates), PA (Polyamides), POM (Polyoxymethylene), PP ((Polypropylene) engineering plastics. Born as a trading company, since 2010 it has become a compound brand and includes a range of high-performance polymers that are used with an excellent performance in countless applications and fields, from the automotive sector to electronics, from CIG to the industrial world.

The strength of the brand is Leonardi's know-how: the experience that for over sixty years has guided us in the distribution of the best raw materials, combined with the ability to imagine and predict new scenarios and their possible applications.

To guarantee a high-performance product, we have studied vacuum-packed aluminium packaging, which protects the polymers and allows them to preserve their quality over time.

Gaia represents our vision of a world where quality, sustainability and high performance meet and bond.