"The collaboration with universities has allowed us to undertake fruitful projects of metal replacement with Ducati and Volkswagen, creating innovative products, which are currently available on the market and that ensure a better performance, such as lightness and flexibility."

L. Leonardi

The automotive world has been and continues to be revolutionised every day by the use of plastics that are ever more performing. Their use has not simply replaced the other materials, traditionally used, but has transformed the entire sector, allowing to achieve otherwise unthinkable performances, in particular in terms of lightness and flexibility.
We make available to our customers the know-how we have acquired in our collaboration with universities and with important brands in the sector, in order to bring an even wider and more widespread innovation and to open new frontiers of development.


Glycol Resistance
High Temperature
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The healthcare industry, which has seen an exponential increase in recent years, is inextricably linked to the use of plastics. Patient safety includes the choice of materials, which are physiologically harmless and biocompatible and in which the documentation and traceability of each component is crucial.
We support companies during the design phase in the choice of the polymers that best meet these needs and, subsequently, in the implementation phase, identifying the most suitable technologies for their processing. Our business unit dedicated to the sector is constantly updated on the specific certifications and regulations required.

USP Class


In the sector that more than any other is called to respond to a constant evolution and to a very high turn-over, our role is to propose solutions to better address the challenge of balancing production and its impact on an economic and environmental level.
We keep constantly up to date on the regulations and certifications required, but we are most importantly engaged in the search for eco-sustainable materials that meet the aesthetic needs as well as those of functionality, accuracy and respect for the environment.

Electrical Properties


We are suppliers and consultants for all projects involving consumer goods, furniture and small household appliances. Based on the needs of our customers, we identify the best materials for those products that are used daily by millions of people. Functionality, lightness, aesthetics: in this sector the world of plastic materials meets that of contemporary design and lifestyle, which is made of motion, speed but also extreme flexibility, safety and high performance.


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