Would you like to innovate your company's production to make it even more competitive? Would you like to understand which plastic materials and which technologies are the most suitable for your production needs and how to choose them?

Our services answer these questions and the great challenge of our time: i.e. using the potential of plastic materials to obtain products that are increasingly functional.

We start from your specific needs to build the most efficient and innovative customised response for your company.

The distribution of materials is only at the basis of our business. The task of a plastic material distributor, nowadays, is not simply to supply the raw materials necessary for the production of the plastic component. We provide our customers with our know-how and experience in terms of the choice of plastic materials that best suits the needs of the clients. Leonardi Spa has decided to be the link between the manufacturer of plastic materials and the transformer, providing targeted advice in the choice of plastics and identifying the combination of materials and technologies that best meet the customer's requirements.

Our job is to bring companies together with the best producers of plastic materials in every part of the world.

The distribution of materials, selecting those that in our long experience we have evaluated to be the most reliable and with the most performing characteristics, is only at the basis of our business.

In fact, what we can guarantee our customers is above all a targeted consultancy in the choice of plastic materials based on their use. We know how to show you the combination of materials and technologies that best suits your production needs.
We can also study new solutions in which plastic materials improve the performance of your products, in terms of lightness, strength, safety, reliability.

Il nostro lavoro è quello di far incontrare le aziende con i migliori produttori di materie plastiche in ogni parte del mondo.
La distribuzione dei materiali, selezionando quelli che nell’arco della nostra lunga esperienza abbiamo valutato essere i più affidabili e con le caratteristiche più performanti, è solo la base della nostra attività.

Quello che possiamo garantire ai nostri clienti infatti è soprattutto una consulenza mirata nella scelta delle materie plastiche in base al loro impiego. Sappiamo indicarti la combinazione di materie e tecnologie che meglio si adatta alle tue esigenze produttive.
Possiamo inoltre studiare nuove soluzioni in cui le materie plastiche migliorano le prestazioni dei tuoi prodotti, in leggerezza, resistenza, sicurezza, affidabilità.

Strategic consultancy and after-sales support

We find solutions to make our customers more competitive



We find solutions to make our customers more competitive

  • We advise our customers on the choice of the best solutions and of the plastic materials that best suit the company's needs.
  • We manage relationships with the most important and reliable manufacturers of plastics worldwide, which over time have become our partners.
  • We offer companies unprecedented applications of plastic materials in the main industrial and commercial sectors, revolutionising entire production chains from the base.
  • We create networking and updating opportunities for our customers, periodically hosting in the company the innovations proposed by our partners.



  • We guarantee full time after-sales assistance on all our products and services.
  • We provide targeted advice when choosing the materials and technological solutions to be adopted, based on sharing the objectives to be achieved.
  • We provide specific advice on the certifications and regulations required by the various sectors.
  • We offer the best solution to create each product with the features required in the various sectors of application (automotive, medical, E&E, CIG).



We find solutions in which plastic not only replaces other materials, but also gives the answer to problems that are yet unresolved.

Thanks to the strategic support of our R&D department, we offer our customers the advantage of studying the possible applications of plastic materials for their company as an alternative to "traditional" materials, such as glass, stainless steel and other metals.

We work side by side with the end users to share our knowledge on the world of plastics and allow them to constantly improve their products.